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Price list

As always, we always try and make our price list as convenient as possible for our clients. You get to choose whichever treatments you prefer and get discounts with the more treatments you do. You can pay per treatment but also per package. You even get to choose a Package-treatment of 5. You'll get an extra discount on those!


You can pay the 5-Package-treatments in terms of 4. You'll be paying 25% of the total on the first 4 appointments. On your 5th you won't pay anything. 
If you choose to pay the full price in one time, you will get an extra 10% discount!


How many treatments do I need?

The average person needs 4 to 8 treatments to be 90% hair-free. We can not garanty100% because there's always a possibility that your body will make new hair sacks. So it's always good to update every year.

50% Discount conditions.
Packages bought in January will be paid by every session. Individual session prices are only eligible in January, not the other following sessions.

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